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Buildings, like all structures, are designed to support certain loads without deforming excessively. The loads are the weights of people and objects, the weight of rain and snow and the pressure of wind--called live loads--and the dead load of the building itself. With buildings of a few floors, strength generally accompanies sufficent rigidity, and the design is mainly that of a roof that will keep the weather out while spanning large open spaces. With tall buildings of many floors, the roof is a minor matter, and the support of the weight of the building itself is the main consideration. Like long bridges, tall buildings are subject to catastrophic collapse.
The causes of building collapse can be classified under these 6 (six) general headings to facilitate analysis. These headings are:
  • Bad Design
  • Faulty Construction
  • Foundation Failure
  • Extraordinary Loads
  • Unexpected Failure Modes
  • Combination of Causes
Bad design does not mean only errors of computation, but a failure to take into account the loads the structure will be called upon to carry, erroneous theories, reliance on inaccurate data, ignorance of the effects of repeated or impulsive stresses, and improper choice of materials or misunderstanding of their properties.  If you don't understand how to "Fix the Problem" then hire an expert; SGT Structural Repair has over 40 years of real world experiences, call Bill Sargent today to review your situation (828) 484-9713. 

For years the brick was absorbing moisture, the effects of the weather has taken its toll upon this home freezing rain and snow, fluctuation in the cycles of the season with its heating and thawing out caused the brick walls of the home to settle downward, causing the patio deck to sink, which raised the deck at the home, creating a "Sea - Saw" affect.


When the concrete deck was poured, it was poured as part of the homes foundation, this design did not take into effect the soil condition, and the rates of similar homes settling in the area. The downward settlement was which was being raised up and damaging the home structure.


The first thing we did was to cut the deck from the home, relieving the load.  Water had been draining onto the front walls of the home causing the structure wood to rot out, under the home we created a structural wall system, that consisted of a poured footing to place the columns and beams which will support the load of the home and be compatible with its environment. This new structural wall system created by SGT Structural Repairs enabled the leveling of the homes flooring additional repairs included the replacement of the home's structure wood that was damaged by rot.


Now you can see for yourself the completed repair of the collapsed porch, the family will have many years of enjoyment in their rejuvenated home.

THEN-Weather Beaten Home
Collapsing Porch-THEN

1.) The stair columns are leaning and the brick wall was falling apart. I could push out the wall with my hands.

Weather Weakened Entrance to Home

2.) Years of patching the brick joints has weakened the entrance steps.

Hollow Porch

3.) The brick work was just crumbing away, no one thought it would be hollow under the porch.

Bill UNDER Structure

4.) Yes, that's Bill repairing the structure. Notice the support beams behind him !

Rebar Foundation

5.) That a lot of  re-bar reinforcement steel, but that's how the engineer designed it.

Poured Foundation

6.) The concrete came out good,now it ready for block.

Block Wall & Support

7.) The block work is done.

8.) A drain system is installed to prevent this problem from reoccuring.

9.) Notice the floor drains between the pier at the walls


The Amazing Transformation