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Right now, your crawl space is most likely filled with

"Bare Dirt"...

A basement that is even the slightest bit wet is unsuitable for finishing or even storage. Plus, it's really unhealthy!  Moisture can get into the building materials and cause mold, mildew, odor and damage to foundation and walls of your home, furniture and personal items.
Problems such as these do not get better over time; they only become progressively worse. So, even if your basement leaks just a little bit (maybe only once a year or even once every couple years), it needs to be fixed. The dampness ONLY will increase over time!
Have you noticed or have issues such as drywall cracks in the interior, cracks around the doors and windows. Are the floors uneven? Doors hard to open or close?
Perhaps you smell foul odors, (see mold /mildew), do you seem to sense that your body has heightened allergies or asthma symptoms, if so, then you may have an issue in your crawlspace.
If you spot any of these problems, it's important to find the source of the problem and get it taken care of right away. If not, the problem will escalate and cause many unnecessary repairs in the long run!
We only utilize the best products available which means a better, longer lasting, high quality product. SGT Structural Repairs provides services to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial clients in the Asheville, North Carolina area. We are committed to provide innovative and creative solutions that will resolve your situation.
We take great pride in what we accomplish, and we are committed to being the best, our goal is to insure that we understand your needs and provide you with an amazing product.  We know that a happy customer is the only customer to have.
CALL SGT Structural Repairs and talk with Bill Sargent, he'll set up a time to come out and examine your situation.
Visit of Photographic Journal for pictures concerning crawlspace encapsulation and lots more.
Thank you for taking the time to review of site. We are hopeful that we provided you with the answers to your questions and put your mind at ease- We will find a resolution for your situation..
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