SGT Structural Repair's team members work tirelessly to maintain and build on a long history of remarkable foundation structural repairs work in Florida and since 1995 in Western North Carolina. 


Whether you are a homeowner that needs foundation structural repairs work or an industrial sized commercial company who requires the foundation fixed, we are here and ready to lend you our expertise. Trust the company that has been repairing structural problems for over 40 years. Give Bill Sargent our trusted foundation structural repairs expert a call today!


There are many types of foundation structural repairs; they can range from minor damages, to more serious foundation problems. SGT Structural Repair offers the highest quality of solutions, and most importantly outstanding customer care.


If you begin to notice any signs leading to foundation problems, give us a call right away at 1-828-484-9713..


SGT Structural Repair will give you an accurate estimate, which will ensure the best solution for your foundation structural repairs problem, and at the lowest price possible.

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Backyard Streams

Many Western North Carolina residents have streams on their property. During storm events or heavy rains these streams may erode the land or cut deeper channels, creating potential problems for the land owners or neighbors in the watershed. The NC Cooperative Extension Backyard Stream Repair team produced a guide, Small-scale Solutions to Eroding Streambanks, to give residents many ways to manage and maintain streambanks. Backyard Stream Repair workshops are also held at various locations across the state to provide residents with hands-on opportunities to learn how to stabilize streambanks, enhance their property and improve the environment.