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Project: 2015081201

Our house is next to Sandy Mush Creek, the home is 73 years old, the years of use and the effects of mother nature has taken its toll on the house.  The underneath of the house was damaged, since we live in a flood zone we needed "Flood Insurance".  Bill & his crew came in an created a Structural Wall Support System to protect the foundation from flood damage, he added rebar & concrete creating a solid barrier.  Then he plastered the inside walls and stuccoed the outside adding specialized treatment to prevent future damage.


My basement looks great.  Additionally Bill shored up the saggy floors and gave the home a complete facelift.  Bill's attention to detail is anazing, his 30 years of experience and dedication to doing a professional job is very evident.  The work performed by SGT Structural Repairs has added years to the home and insuring a safe home for our family.

 T & T Aukett, Leicester, NC.      Project: 2015081201

Hello, I'm Bill Sargent the owner of SGT Structural Repairs. If you're concerned about cracks in your ceiling, walls or foundation, sagging floors or doors that don't open or close properly. Maybe your home or business has weird smells or water coming into the building, it could be caused by the flooding, or even soil settlement issues, please review our site and learn about the services we offer then CALL US

Perhaps you're ready for a new look for your home or business. We are ready to give your more than you expect and at a fair price.

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