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​So here’s a little about me (BILL SARGENT). Ever since I could remember I was fascinated with watching the construction of a building going up. At that age I was simply too young to work, but, the first time I saw a blueprint I was hooked. My second and third year in High School I started doing residential drafting by hand, which at that time the profession was only drawn by hand. At the end of high school I went to work as a mason’s helper with deep ambition. During these times there was such a demand for workers, before I knew it I was running my own crew of masons.

Twenty years old and I was sub-contracting work. After a while one of the builders asked me about stucco, as determined as I was to succeed in this profession I put together some of the most reputable plaster crews I knew. I’m proud to say this was another trade I thrived in. In Florida to be a sub-contractor you had to have a builder’s license. I went back to school and soon I had my contractor’s License. I handpicked crews and was on my way to success.


To keep up with the competition I became a shell contractor. This job consists of many skills and steps like forming the slab, pouring the slab, laying the cement block, framing the floors, walls and roof systems. That, in a nut shell, is the entire shell of the building. After the shell came the stucco. Working on large housing projects and condominium developments is where I got most my experience with stucco. I constructed hi-rises and commercial buildings for the majority of my construction experience. 


During the peak of Florida’s construction boom I employed over one hundred workers. That was a learning experience that no school can teach or prepare you for. When the construction boom slowed, my wife and I decided that we would like to move north to raise our young family and in 1995 we picked up and moved to the Asheville NC area.


Though the years I have worked with some of the best builders in W.N.C; MWB Construction LLC, who builds some of our areas most prestigious homes, I’ve also worked side by side with local contractors, engineers and architectural designers.Working on large housing developments, condominiums, hi-rise developments and commercial buildings for twenty years, I brought this experience to WNC and added another 30+ years on hands-on experiences.


With my concrete, masonry and engineering skills I had no trouble building foundations in NC. Because of my knowledge and experience, before I knew it, I was being asked to repair or straighten foundations that had failed, because I was a builder of structures, I have a profound understanding of why a structure fails and a good percentage of my work here, in North Carolina, has been repairing failed structures.Most of my work is initiated by word of mouth, I acquired a reputation simply by the quality of my work.


Now days, we have an information highway called the Web and to reach your clients on an entire different level, it must be through the internet and that is why I’ve created this web site. I am a professional in many fields as you can surely see.


Please take the time and browse through my site to view some of the work I have done. Thank you and I hope to be of service to you in the near future.


Office 828.484.9713 Cell 828.712.6416 ----- Bill Sargent

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